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Hey guys ! First off, let me thank you for interviewing with me. Being a fan of Power Metal, it is nice to speak with a really good, Power band like yours. A real pleasure !

Can you  give us a brief history of the band and its members as a point of familiarization for those that may not have heard of you yet. What is the goal of Stormhammer  and its music ?

The band was founded in 1993, since 2000 the Name changed to Stormhammer, there had been quite a bunch of Musicians in StormHammer, Manny Ewender, guitar,  an me are the only founding memners left in the band. Bernd Intveen is the other guitar Player, Jürgen Dachl on vocals and after a period of time, chris Widmann joined the band again in 2014.

First goal is to support our release cd with a tour, and then let’s see what will happen.

How have your two releases been received so far ? What are you looking for in subsequent releases ?

Actually this is our 6th release ! the first reviews for welcome are really good, and yes we will carry on.

Who writes the music and lyrics or is this done collaboratively? Are there any other musical genres that interest you ? Anything different you would like to try in the future ?

The first ideas are brought in by the guitar players and then everyone adds his part. And we work all together. Of course I listen to different styles, but I think the best way of creating songs is not to think about them, just play and find out what it will sound like.

With music based at the root of the Metal genre, who are your biggest influences musically and lyrically ?

For me I’m a big Thin Lizzy fan and Y&T and of course Maiden and Judas.

What were your biggest motivations to create your brand of Power Metal since the genre has been splintered in recent years ? What do you want to bring to the table that is unique to Stormhammer ?

Well, I’m not sure if we are really a unique brand, because there are so much bands around, for the moment I guess our mixure is kind of unique, but tomorrow maybe there is another band around sounding similar.

Where do you normally play ? What have been some of your bigger tours/gigs and whom have they been with ? Any good stories that you would like to share along those lines ? Any upcoming plans/events that we need to know about ?

We played serveral festivals in 2015, we supported Powerwolf, Accept, Hammerfall. We had been on tour with Blind Guardian or GraveDigger. Actually we’re a planning a tour in autumn, news will follow soon I hope.

What is your vision for the future of Stormhammer  and your music?

First of all a tour to promote the release.

Which are the elements you are most proud of in your music and which are the things you think you need to work more on ?

I like songs which sounds easy, but are not easy to play. And working on details is a never ending story.

I really appreciate your time to interview with me. I really enjoy your take on the POWER Metal sound and look forward to hearing much more from you far into the future.

Interviewer : SpeedSkullsCrusher 

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