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Anihilated formed in 1981 as Prospex, a punk group. The original singer, Andy, parted after the recording of the first demo. Simon
Hello! How are you? How are things over there? Let us go to the beginning of the band. How and when did you decide to form or to join the band?

Hi!! its fine over here in the uk. Bod, our drummer formed the first incarnation of the band “The Anihilated” in his bedroom in 1981. I joined in 1982. I was really interested in music and needed to find a way to release all my anger.

What does the name “Anihilated” stand for. What made you call the band “Anihilated” ?

Originally we were called “The Anihilated” mainly because at that point in time 1981..we all lived in Suffolk and Suffolk was the home for several USAF nuclear capable bases. The cold war was hotting up and we genuinly were afraid that we would be the first strike area for any nuclear attack in which case we would all be Anihilated!!! and Anihilated is normally spelt with two “n” but we thought it looked better with one…

How was the band formed? What made you form the band ?

As said above Bod initially started jamming with friends in his bedroom and they decided to call the band The Anihilated They just wanted to play music and mainly did old Punk cover songs. When that ground to a halt Bod joined a different band but transferred the name over. A few months later I joined to replace the guitarist and things went from there.

Can you briefly introduce your band and who you are ?

Si : I am Si, Bass/Vocals in the 1980’s I was Guitar /Vocals
Bod is the drummer
Todd plays lead guitar
Danny B plays guitar, produces and records the albums.

What was the ambitions of the band when you started ?

When we started we wanted to get our message out there we were very angry young men and wanted to be heard.

How would you describe your band sound and which elements in your music do you thing make you stand out?

Musically we are very definitely thrash metal but we do have a big healthy amount of hardcore punk in there too. I guess the most standout thing for us are the vocals which are very in your face rather than sung or screamed.

Who writes your songs?/ who writes the music who writes lyrics ?

Danny writes 99% of the music I write 100% of the lyrics

Are you preparing a new album ? Can you tell me about the new Album ?

We are currently waiting to start writing a new album we hope to be getting into that by the end of 2017

Would like us to talk a bit about your relases , Which were the difficulties that you had to confront during the songwriting and production process? Are you fully satisfied with this All ?

We have released 5 full studio albums and one 12” single (which has been rereleased as an album on cd ) The first four recordings were difficult in so much as we were inexperienced in studio matters and it was a struggle to find a studio and an engineer that had the right idea to get the sound that we wanted. The Ultimate Desecration in 1989 was the closest we came to getting the sound we wanted. The last 2 albums have been recorded/produced by Danny B who knows exactly how to get the sound we wanted. I am of the opinion that if you are ever completely satisfied with a release you will never be looking to improve so I would say that Anti Social Engineering is as close to completely satisfied I have ever felt about any of our releases.

What bands and or musicians at a younger age influenced your style of play?

Motorhead, sabbath, iron maiden, discharge, minor threat, warfare, conflict venom, saxon,

Tell me about the bands future ?

We have been on a short break following the tour with Onslaught. We have a few gigs lined up some festivals for this year. We hope to play a few shows in europe this summer, then we will be looking to write new material for a release .

Are you touring soon ?

Not this year, we may do a few short runs but no full tour is planned for 2017, however, saying that, you never know what might turn up.

Do you know that I’m the only Anihilated Fan in Tunisia , what do you think about it ? Do you have idea about Tunisia Metal scene ?

I am glad we have at least one fan in Tunisia , it would be great to come over there and make some more. I am ashamed to say that I dont know huge amounts about the Tunisian metal scene but I do hope to learn more !!

Thanks for your time answering my questions. I wish you all the best…….

No problem and absolute pleasure good luck my friend .

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher 

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