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Hello ! How are you? How are things over there ? 

Hi there. I’m doing great and things are just super !

Let us get to the point of this interview. How and when did you decide to  join Fire Force ? 

I  joined the band around the end of June 2014. I was looking for a band and called Erwin to ask him if he knew a band insearch for a guitarist. He told me then: ” Yes, we are! “. Former guitarist Yves had just quit the other night for health reasons. My first show with FF was August 23 2014 at the Thunderwolf Metalfest. It was quite an experience !

Can you tell me more about the Combat Metal Genre ? why FireForce does Choose to play it  ?

Combat Metal is not a label we choose for ourselves. It came with a review of the Deathbringer album. After a review in “Hardrockheaven Webzine” which said: “If anyone ever creates a power metal sub-genre called “ Combat Metal ” Belgium’s Fireforce will be leading the charge!”. I think that the concept in the first place, the lyrics and full-throttle tank rolling through our shows, are what earned us the term.

How would you describe your band sound and which elements in your music do you thing make you stand out ? 

As I just mentioned, our music is like a tank, rolling on full speed through our shows. It is sheer power, melody, and a lot of stuff to swing your fist on !!

You guys are planning to release a new album ? Can you tell me more about the new Album ? 

Last year, in October, we entered the Music Factory/Prophecy Studio to record our third album in 28 days . For the third time under the supervision of Christian Shmid Christian Schmid(sound engineer) and Roberto Dimitri Liapakis (producer/vocalist Mystic Prophecy/Devil’s Train). We always say: “Never change a winning team!” For the first time in the band’s history, someone joined Erwin in composing, and that’s me . Erwin still composed the overall structure, but now we added more additional guitar lines and harmonies. Some innovation aside, you can still expect to hear everything Fireforce is good at since the start.

 Tell me a little about the band Future ? 

The new album will be released somewhere close to Summer, and rest assured, we’ll make a global announcement. I can’t say much else. We will play as much as possible outside of Belgium. We wanna conquer Europe And Tunesia .

Are you touring soon ?  

Hahahah  … With a new album comes a new tour , of course ! 

I want to thank you for the opportunity  for taking the time to let us interview you here at Acier Doux MetalzineTunisia. We’re so happy to have had the opportunity to speak with you ! 

The honor is all mine for the opportunity to do this interview, and thanks in advance for introducing Fireforce to Tunisia. I hope we can put Tunisiaon our to-do list in the near future. Join Our Forces – and we will join yours !!

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher




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