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Hello , You have been around for 8 years, why did it take you so long to release a debut album?

Hi , You know, first we have very unskilled lineup, and just want to play a little, but when the shit start to getting a little more serious there was a need to make some lineup changes. It took some time over the years to develop stable and confident lineup. In the meantime we recorded demo and EP, 9 songs together, so actually it could be our second album, but again, 4/5 of us have done in this time our university study at master and engineer degree. Witek is currently doing his doctor degree, so we are pretty busy beside the band life. I can add that we were really concentrated on playing live shows rather than sitting in our reh room.

“Online” Album  sounds really well. Please tell me something about the creative process in the studio?

You know, usually bands have their songs fully arranged when they come to the studio. We were prepared pretty well, but we were also really opened for some ideas our producer developed, or have our own ideas that came in during recording session. So there have been a few major and a lot, and I mean really a lot, minor changes, variation etc. We added also some brand new riffs to some of older songs. I’m really proud and happy what all of that comes out in the final product.

Your music has many progressive hooks, where do you get the ideas from?

Mainly it came just from becoming better musicians. A lot of us really like some progressive, at some point, music. There are also many bands from the past, which have influenced us like, you know, some tech-thrash bands. Also newer metal genres have some progressive vibe. We are paying attention to what is going on in modern day metal and dig it a lot, so at the end of the day it comes naturally to us to bring some of that element and provide it to our own music.

Your lyrics are entirely in Polish, which is different than on the previous releases. Why? And what are the topics?

Well, there are few reasons. We decided that our vocalist sounds better in our national language. We touring mainly in our country, and there are really minority of bands singing in polish. Also I must admit that it really doesn’t matter to me, as I can listen to bands signing’ Russian, Spanish and other languages and to me is as good as it is done.

How does a typical Deathinition show look like?

Five guys banging their heads, and running all over the stage, making noise to those few poor people attending the show hahaha ,  Of course more people in the crowd , more wild we’re acting. Sometimes we arranges wall of death that fit to some of our tracks.

What was the most important show you’ve ever played ? And the best one – technically?

That’s tough. I can’t really choose one, probably still waiting for it, but it is always significant when you open for some big bands, which was in our case Death Angel, Helstar, Vicious Rumors, Hirax, Assassin, Decapitated. As it comes to the best in a technical manner, it really depends whom are you asking. Sometimes one guy in the band tells you that he done his job perfect, and the other guy tells you, that he blow the show. I believe best shows are always at the end of the tour, when everyone in the band have their own routine both of doing things on stage and having a good warm up.

What’s the next step for the band?

My  favorite part – playing gigs. Right now we are in the middle of process of setting up tour dates and with the beginning of March us starting touring with our new material.

 I was told that you go to shows in a freezer van, is that true?

Hehe, in fact, yes. We are touring in my ’91 VW Transporter where heating is broken, and there are several holes in the chassis, so… we are really looking forward to spring and some outside temperature above 0 Celsius

Are you planning an official video for any of the songs?

Not sure yet, but maybe we will do something later this year. I hope we’ll finally make it.

 What’s the condition of Thrash Metal in Poland?

Not so good unfortunately. There were few years of growing popularity of thrash metal here, as well as in whole world, but it seems like this movement are hiding in the deep for some time now and waiting till whole this cyclical nature of trends puts it on a top for a while again. None of our concern, we must doing our job, and waiting what it will be like.

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher


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